ViaBTC: Q&A from The Nervos CKB team

1. With such a crowded crypto space, where will CKB be filling a gap?

The Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB) is the layer 1 proof of work and store of value blockchain protocol of the Nervos Network. It allows any crypto-asset to be stored with the security, immutability and permissionless nature of Bitcoin. It also enables smart contracts and layer 2 scaling. Total network value is captured in the CKB token.

There is no current multi-asset platform that ensures long-term sustainability. Most platforms have unsustainable compensation policies for participants who provide security for the network, like miners, or have insufficient strategies for handling state growth, such as the “pay once, store forever” model. This poses a high risk for blockchains that store a variety of crypto-assets with increasing value. This also poses a risk to decentralization due to the inability for the average user to run a full node in the long term. Many features of the Nervos design, including its economic model, native token, and miner incentivization, come together to solve these challenges.

2. What’s is the roadmap of CKB? What mining algorithm will be used?

We launched our Rylai testnet in May 2019 and plan to launch our mainnet in Q4 this year. Beyond Mainnet we will be focusing on: 1. Layer 2 Research & Development — the framework and interoperability protocol; 2.Decentralized Identity Protocol and 3. Community Governance. For more details please check our development roadmap.

Nervos CKB adopted a new Proof of Work hash function called the Eaglesong.

3. Can I mine CKB using my own PC? how’s that ?

Yes you can, check this tutorial for details.

4. What’s the best miner to use and will it be ASIC resistant?

At Nervos CKB, we take a ASIC neutral approach, which essentially means we are not anti-ASICs. Nervos CKB adopted a new Proof of Work hash function which is relatively simple as we want to lower the barrier for the design and production of ASICs, in order to make the ASICs manufacture as decentralized as possible.

Please check here for mining resources (available GPU miners, mining pools etc.)

5. What business and industries have plan to sign up for the use of these coin ?

CKB is an opensource project, anyone is welcome to come and use the platform, no signup needed. The main industries that will utilize CKB is the Financial industry including DeFi, the growing digital assets and gaming industry, general dapp developers as well as other blockchain developers and projects looking to launch layer 2 and side chain protocols to utilize the underlying “sustainable security” of CKB. We have already announced several business and industry partners including CMBi and Huobi. 

6. What is the marketing plan of CKB to promote the use of the coin ?

CKB is used for state storage as well as store of value, so our efforts focus on growing our developer community and ecosystem in order to create the use cases and applications made possible with the CKB protocol. We have several initiatives prepared for mainnet including grant programs, developer incentivization and more.

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